C.M.A.C the Saga

C.M.A.C.- A VIETNAM ERA TRILOGY ISBN 0595 28129X 1967-1971

C.M.A.C, A Vietnam Era Trilogy, a mostly true fictitious reality novel, contains three sagas that describe the late 1960s, Vietnam era, U. S. Army life of James A. Callaghan.

 Saga of a Student Warrior – The first story follows the military training of Callaghan who, during his draft induction, was christened “Hallaghan” due to a bureaucratic error. It describes how he dealt with his new and strange environment, and his first assignment as a Post Radio Officer.

Saga of a Saigon Warrior – The Capital Military Assistance Command (C.M.A.C.) Saigon and the surrounding districts were Callaghan’s home in Vietnam during 1969.  He met his match when he tangled with General Gottard, the personification of the cartoon character ‘Yosemite Sam’, until a year later when Callaghan suffered an untimely accident while clearing post.

 Saga of a Garrison Warrior – Returned from near death by a C.M.A.C. medic, Callaghan was quickly moved to Third Field Force hospital near Tan Son Nhut air base where, after a lengthy operation, he was transferred to Guam to convalesce and regain his real name. Healed, the recently promoted Captain Callaghan commanded a signal company, where the trials and tribulations of a garrison environment tested his perseverance.

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